Bina Dekalo and her brother Marco Aroyo with friends

This is a photo taken in 1934 in the town of Lom. My brother Marco Aroyo is in the first row, first from right to left, next to him is our friend Nichko. I am first from left to right in the second row, next to me are my friends Berta Isakova and Bela. At that time I was a student in the high school in Lom and my brother Marco was a clerk in the branch of the French General Bank. Nichko is a Jew and taught Bulgarian in the elementary grades. He left for Israel in the 1940s and settled in a kibbutz. Berta is also a Jew. She lived in Lom and was a housewife. Bela worked as a seamstress in Lom and was a friend of Berta. She sewed dresses and other clothes. My brother Marco was very intelligent and eager to learn. When we still lived in Yambol he constructed a radio receiver with a transmitter all by himself and communicated with French people speaking to them in French about Bulgaria.