The family of Jacques Aroyo

This is a photo of the family of my brother, Jacques Aroyo. It was taken in 1951 in the town of Jaffa, Israel. Sitting in the first row are my brother Jacques and his wife Jula. Between them is the child of their daughter Matilda. Behind them from left to right are their son Yosif, their daughter Matilda Benbasat, nee Aroyo and her husband Izi Benbasat. The family of my brother Jacques moved to Israel in 1948. Before that my brother lived in Rousse where he and my father tried unsuccessfully to produce bed-springs. After that, in the 1930s he moved to Sofia where he had a shop selling shoes. During the Holocaust my brother's family was interned to Byala Slatina. After they returned from the internment in 1943 they settled in the house of my brother Aron who gave it to them. The son of my brother Jacques, Josif, had studied to become a car-mechanic in Sofia and then went to work for my brother Lazar, who ran a service station in the Ma?abarot kibbutz. Later Josif opened his own service station and earned good money. He married a Jew from Poland and has two daughters. He lives in Tel Aviv. He has a grocery store there. My brother Jacques lived in Divataya - a suburb of Tel Aviv. He worked as the guard of a park. Izi Benbasat is the son of the famous owner of the Benbasat photo studio. Like his father, Izi Benbasat opened his own photo studio in Tel Aviv in Israel. The son of Matilda and Izi Benbasat married an English woman and now lives in London.