Mois Dekalo

This is my husband Mois Dekalo. The photo was taken in Bourgas in the 1940s. He was a very intelligent and well-read man. At that time he lived in Bourgas and worked at the port. He was also involved in communist activities. He moved to Sofia after 9th September 1944 [the day of the communist coup d'etat in Bulgaria]. I married Mois in 1948. We met in Sofia in the Lenin regional committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. We had a civic marriage. He regarded the Jewish rituals as old-fashioned. He was a wise man, but he wasn?t religious. On the issue of the establishment of a Jewish state, he thought that the Jewish people must have their own state. Only I was interested in Judaic issues. Mois was my second husband. He was born in Bourgas. He joined the Union of Young Workers at an early age. His whole family was very poor and they were all communists. My husband was in prison because of his anti-fascist activities in the 1940s. After 9th September 1944 he was released. Afterwards he returned for a short time to Bourgas and then came to Sofia. We met in Sofia and we married. We rented a small apartment on Ekzarh Yosif Street in the center of the town.