Oro Aroyo at a celebration in the Ma'abarot kibbutz

This is a photo of children from the Ma abarot kibbutz, among whom is the daughter of my brother Lazar Aroyo, Oro Aroyo. The photo was taken in 1950 during a celebration in the kibbutz and the children are dressed up as Russian peasants. Oro is fourth from right to left.

I have been to Israel four times. Since I was a member of the Communist Party, it was not a problem for me to go there. But always before I left, some people from the intelligence service came and asked me where I was going. I only told them that I did not know Israel and went only to see my brothers. My first impression from Israel was that the country was making progress. Everything was in the process of construction. I went there for the first time in 1952 together with my husband. I was visiting my brothers, who welcomed me warmly. We, however, decided not to remain in Israel, because we felt distant from the mentality of the people living there and we were very poor.