The family of Marco Aroyo

This is the family of my brother Marco Aroyo. The photo was taken in 1952 in Kfar Hitim. In the first row on the left are the children of my brother - Malka and Josif. Behind them is the wife of my brother, Luna, and my brother Marco. Next to the children of my brother in the first row is a daughter of a sister of my brother's wife. When still in Bulgaria, every year my brother Marco went on an excursion to a European country. One year he visited Palestine. Then he decided that he should move to live there to help in the establishment of agricultural farms in the country, where the people struggled with the marshes and the desert storms. In May, 1936 he left us a big sum in the bank and left for Palestine joining a group of Jews from Bulgaria, who were sent to the northern part of the country - Tiberias. There they founded that agricultural village Kfar Hitim with much hard work and deprivation. Before that German and Turkish Jews had tried to cultivate the land there. But they couldn't cope with the hard climate. The Bulgarian Jews worked very hard to solve the problems and brought water from Lake Kineret following the project of my brother Marco. Together with the other settlers from Bulgaria they planted green belts against the warm winds which destroyed the harvest. Today Kfar Hitim is a picturesque village at a high peak and there are many trees and flowers there. My brother still lives in the village. Although he is quite old, he does some office work part-time for the village and welcomes guests and tourists from around the world. He is one of the most respected people in the whole region.