Marco Aroyo and friends

This is a photo of my brother Marco Aroyo with friends of his in the town of Lom on the banks of the Danube river. The photo was taken in the 1930s. My brother is the third from right to left. My brother Marco graduated from the French College in Rousse. Of all my brothers only Marco followed my father's will and graduated from college. All the others had elementary education in the Jewish school in Yambol. From an early age he started supporting my parents and me. After my father went bankrupt in Rousse, we were left with no money and we went to our brother in Lom, where he worked as a correspondent in French in the newly-opened branch of the General Bank. Without his help, I wouldn't have been able to finish my high-school education. He insisted that I should study, while I wanted to work and help my parents. The house in which we lived in Lom still exists. It has been resold many times. When we moved to live in Sofia we sold it to a dentist, Mr. Kanev. He, in turn, sold it to another man and so on.