Zwi Bar-David with his grandmother Golda Braw and cousins

On this photo you can see my mother, Golda Braw, surrounded by her grandchildren. From left to right: Ruth, the daughter of my brother Arthur Braw, my daughter Lilly Drill [nee Weisz], David and Aliza, the children of my sister Erna Goldstein [nee Braw], Jael Rappoport [nee Braw], the daughter of my brother Arthur and my son, Zwi Bar David [born Georg Rosenstein], in the back in the center. My son moved to Israel after his final exams. That was shortly after my husband's death [in 1961]. He lived in a kibbutz there and studied psychology. He changed his name to Zwi Bar-David. He married Ilana, whose family on the mother's side is also from Berlin, from Scheunenviertel, and they had two daughters and a son. Because of his son's muscle illness, he, his wife, my then three-year-old grandson Ofir and their younger daughter, Noemi, moved to Vienna. His older daughter, Noga, lives in Israel and works as a nurse. My grandson did his final exams with very good results this year and currently studies at the Technical University of Vienna. My daughter Lilly, who was called Drill after her wedding, came to live with me in Vienna for a year. She was exactly 18 then, that was in 1951. She had gone to school in Israel, but, of course, she could speak German. My mother never learned Hebrew. Lilly wanted to become a teacher for handicapped children from the very beginning and went to study for it at a school in Vienna.