Rosa Rosenstein celebrating her 90th birthday with her family

Here you can see me celebrating my 90th birthday with my family. It was a beautiful celebration and almost all my relatives came to Vienna for the occasion. From left to right: Peter Schwarz [husband of my granddaughter Dorith], Jutta Schwarz [Dorith's mother-in-law], Henny Gross [my daughter Lilly's sister-in-law], Paul Gross [Lilly's brother-in-law], Aharon [Erich] Drill [Lilly's husband], Alisa Melamed [my niece, Erna's daughter], Cilli Brandstaetter [my sister], Iris Adar [my granddaughter, Lilly's daughter], Ruthi Ribnitzky [my granddaughter, Lilly's daughter], in the center there's me, Micky Drill [my grandson, Lilly's son], Erna Goldstein [my sister], Lilly Drill [my daughter], Emmanuel Salvarani-Drill [my grand-grandson, Dorith's son], Ofir Bar-David [my grandson, Zwi's son], Noemi Bar-David [my granddaughter, Zwi's daughter], Dorith Salvarani-Drill [my granddaughter, Lilly's daughter], Yael Deutsch [my grand-granddaughter, Nimrod's daughter], Ilana Bar-David [my daughter-in-law, Zwi's wife], Zwi Bar-David [my son], Nimrod Deutsch [my grandson, Bessy's son]. I am over 90 now, that's probably in the genes because all my siblings are still alive, too. I am the oldest, but the others are already very old as well. I am the only one of the siblings who lives in Vienna, all the others live in Israel. Every now and then they come to visit me and that's very nice. My son Zwi and his family live in Vienna though, and so does Dorith, the daughter of my daughter Lilly, and her family.