Rosa Rosenstein with friends at a Purim celebration

This picture was taken during a Purim celebration in Berlin in the 1930s. I?m the first from left. I had a large circle of friends and we liked to celebrate merry parties. I had enough admirers. For example, there was this relative from Poland who wanted to marry me. He was eight years older than me. When he was in Berlin for the last time I was 14. When he left, I was 15. Sometimes he took me to a circus show, sometimes to an afternoon performance of an operetta. His father had a butcher's and was a horse trader in Oswieczim, as was usual for Jews in the province. He had to return home because he was the only son. When he said goodbye, he told me, 'Rosa, when you are 18, I will marry you.' And I, always having had a big mouth, replied, 'Sure you will.'