Rosa Rosenstein with her fiance Maximilian Weisz, her sister Betty Chaim and their Jewish friends in Bad Buckow

This photo was taken in Bad Buckow in 1928. I enjoyed spending my free time in the summer with my siblings and my fiance, Maximilian Weisz, whom we called Michi, in Bad Buckow. In the center of the picture you can see my sister Betty, Michi and me among a group of Jewish friends. My first husband was a tailor, but above all he was a Hungarian. Oh, he certainly was a handsome young man! I was working at my father's, in a factory building with large windows. My desk stood at the window. On the opposite side there was a men's ready-made clothes factory, and there was this good-looking man sitting at the sewing-machine. We kept smiling at each other. I didn't know who he was; he didn't know who I was. One day a messenger came up - back then traders went from shop to shop - with a big box filled with candies and said, 'This is from the young man across the way.' That's how it all started. I accepted the gift, of course, and said thank you.

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Rosa Rosenstein