Vojtech Hecht’s identification

This is the identification of my husband Vojtech Hecht, which guaranteed him and his family an exception from deportation. It was issued by the District Office in Michalovce on 7 August 1942.

Left side:

MUDr. Hecht Vojtech
Name and surname of Jew

Address (street, house number), Michalovce

Born (date of birth): 13.10.1911

Employer: The State Hospital in Michalovce

until further notice is not subject to work obligations per Article 22 of Decree No. 198/1941 of Slovak Law, nor concentration in a work or other center.

This notice also applies to the wife, children and parents of the Jew - Jewess.
This identification (authorization) is valid only with concurrent confirmation (via authentic documentation) of the identity of the Jew - Jewess.

Right side:

District Office in Michalovce
Number 1903/1942

Family members:

1. Hedviga Hechtová, née Erdélyiová, wife
2. Júlia née Bocková, mother

Michalovce, 7 August 1942

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