Heda Ambrova with her sister and a friend at the Eva swimmming pool

This photograph was taken at the Eva swimming pool in Piestany in 1937. From left to right it shows: Eva Balazs, me (Heda Ambrova) and my sister Magda Erdelyiova.

Eva was from Budapest and was visiting us. Her parents were teachers. My sister used to go on recreational visits to them and she to us. I envied them very much, because I was two years younger than my sister, and at that time that was a huge difference. Young people didn’t travel as much back then yet as they do today. Eva’s parents had a recuperation facility by Lake Balaton in Hungary. They’d go there in the summer. As she was Jewish too, the repressions against Jews didn’t miss their family either. Eva survived the war, because after the war she visited us again.

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