Magda Erdelyiova with friends on a trip in the High Tatras

In 1938 or 1939, my sister organized a trip to the High Tatras. My sister, Magda Erdelyiova, is sitting on the left in the photograph, and her boyfriend, the veterinarian Dr. Klement, who changed his name from Klein, is standing on the left. I don’t recognize the other people in the photograph.

They still accepted my sister into university, back in 1938. She was very talented. She attended the State Music Conservatory in Prague. Besides music she also studied English. Right when the Germans occupied Prague in 1939 she had to stop her studies. By coincidence, our mother was visiting her at the time. When she was returning home, at Kuty, to the great surprise of the train passengers, there was a customs check. My sister returned, and made use of her music and English studies to give lessons. One of her pupils was the son of a highly placed Guardist, so he looked the other way and she didn’t need any documents.

Photos from this interviewee