The atrium of the Kürti family home

This photograph was taken in the 1920s in the atrium of the Kürti family home in Ruzomberok. From left to right it shows: Alexander Kürti, Magda Erdelyiova, Malvin Kürti and Vojtech Kürti.

Our grandparents, Benedikt and Cecilia Duschnitz, also lived in this house. The house belonged to their brother-in-law, Dr. Kürti. Dr. Kürti was the husband of my mother's sister Malvin. It was a multi-story building. Downstairs was the doctor's office. Up on the first floor, in the back, lived Malvin with her family. In the front lived my grandparents, and another family rented the back part of the ground floor. Dr. Kürti died early. He had so-called galloping consumption. That's tuberculosis that progresses very quickly. The boys were named Alexander, Vojtech and Karol. All three finished Technical University in Brno. None of them are alive any longer.

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