Karol and Vojtech Kürti with friends at the tennis court

This photo was taken at the tennis courts in Ruzomberok in the 1920s. From left to right is shows: Karol Kürti, Vojtech Kürti, Imre Geiger and the rest I don’t know. All I know about Geiger is that his father was a lawyer and that they had a beautiful library.

Karol and Vojtech were the sons of my mother’s sister, Malvin Kürti, nee Duschnitz. Malvin’s husband, Her husband, Artur Kürti, was a doctor. They lived in Ruzomberok. They had three sons. Uncle Artur died at a young age of TBC. When my aunt became a widow, she opened a store with sporting goods in the town. Her sons helped her a lot with it. The oldest was Alexander. He was born in 1904 and studied mechanical engineering. The middle one, Vojtech, was born in 1907 and the youngest, Karol, in 1914. Both of them graduated from university in Brno, specializing in roads and bridges.

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