Heda Ambrova with partisans

This photo is from the Turiec region, near the village of Motycky, where we were in hiding. The photo was taken at the end of March 1945, from left shows our connection, a German woman by the name of Mitzi, some partisan whose name I don’t know in the middle, and me, Heda Ambrova, at that time Hechtova.

Our group wasn’t composed only of Jews. One of the non-Jews was a former employee of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak State, then a Czech engineer, Domin [Dominik] Ruzicka. There was one Russian, too – Stolpyansky, whose parents left Russia in 1917. The rest of us were Jews. During our stay in the mountains, two German women were sending us messages. We had a connection down in the village. We would also get packages of red paprika, because we’d heard that if we sprinkled it on the ground, dogs wouldn’t be able to follow our scent. That’s what we also did, but luckily no dogs arrived.

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