Heda Ambrova, her sister Magda Erdeliyova and a friend out for a walk

This photograph was taken on the Piestany Bridge in 1935. From the left it shows me (Heda Ambrova), Dr. Lednar, born Löwy, and my sister Magda Erdeliyova. The bridge we’re walking on was opened in 1930 on the occasion of the 80th birthyday of President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk.

Dr. Lednar was born in Piestany. He became a gynecologist. After the war he and his wife and daughter moved to Israel. He lives in the town of Sfat. He’s 93 now (2007). His father, Samuel Löwy, owned a fuel storage dept in Piestany. Dr. Lednar was a member of the Sixth Labor Battalion during the war.

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