Viktor Mose and his group of girls from Hashomer Hatzair

Pictured from left to right are: Luna Isah, Esterija Ovadija, Viktor Mose, Unknown, Ana Kalderon. I think it was taken in Bitola. Luna Isah survived the war and moved to Israel. Esterija Ovadija was a partisan fighter and a national hero. She was killed on the Kajmakcalan mountain at the same time as Mordehaj Nahmijas. They were in the same unit. Viktor Mose was from my generation. We were together in a group [in Hashomer Hatzair]. He was a student before the war. He was a sick, it seems he had tuberculosis. Despite that he had a talent for everything. He was born in 1920 in Bitola. During the war he was in Bitola until deportation when he was taken to a camp. He was a group leader in Hashomer Hatzair but was not active in the [party]. He was killed in Treblinka. It was an unlucky family. His elder brother Mose Mose had tuberculosis as well. Mose was an activist in the movement. He was a factory worker. He organized assistance for the movement. He collected help for use by the partisan movement. I remember how he came to me one day and hand over his duties and all the connections that he had collected money from and he handed over the money he had collected. He gave them to me to give to someone else [who would continue these activities]. He was too sick to continue doing it himself. Ana Kalderon was killed in Treblinka.