Beno Ruso's brothers-in-law, Mois and Pepo Kamhi, and friends from Hashomer Hatzair

My wife's brothers, Mois and Pepo Kamhi, and their friends are pictured here. Mois Kamhi, one of my brothers-in-law is in the back row to the right of the tree and the other is on the ground in the center. I know that Pepo was in the last year of the gymnasium when the photo was taken because of the marking on his cap. After he finished school, Pepo, got a job working in the local municipality as a clerk. These are some of their friends from Hashomer Hatzair. Here is Cion (middle row left), Simo Kalderon's brother (upper row right), Dariko (upper row second from left), Zak Hazan (bottom row right), a relative of mine named Ruso (center row middle). Dariko was the head of the girls? division in Hashomer Hatzair.