Viktor Mesulam, Nisim Alba and Beno Ruso in the partisans

I am pictured here with fellow Jewish partisans. From left to right are Viktor Meshulam (Bustrik), Nisim Alba (Miki) and Beno Ruso. This picture was taken after the war in Skopje. Miki joined the partisans in June 1942, a little earlier than I did. was a talented quartermaster. He was famous. All the partisans new him. He was known as a supplier, a quartermaster. After the war he lived in Belgrade where he ran an estate. He went to Israel during the bombings in the 1990s. He died there and then they brought his body back to Serbia and buried him there. Bustrik was reknown as a fighter. They were both a year or two older than I am. Bustrik was a courageous fighter and officer in war but he was half illiterate. For some time he was the consular in Istanbul but they called him back. He needed to go for schooling but he did not want to. He did not have when or how so he used the first opportunity and he went to Israel. He lived there but I do not know what he did there. He died not long ago. And Nisim Alba also died recently.