Beno Ruso's brother Albert in uniform

My brother Albert is pictured in a uniform. Since the uniform has rank markings it must be from the Yugoslav Army. In the partisans we did not have such markings on our uniforms. Here he has the rank of captain. The family was already in a financial crisis when Albert was a kid. He finished the first and second grade. After that he started to study a trade. Albert finished an apprentiship with the same teacher as I did. Back then you could play with someone who was a year or two older or younger than you but four years was too much. It was a whole different generation. My younger brother was too young and my older brother too old for me to play with them when I was young. Albert married a non-Jewish woman from Rijeka named, Anka, who he met while he was working there. He has two children Jadranka and Srecko. Albert got used to life there and one would say he is more from Rijeka than anywhere else. I see my younger brother, sometimes he comes here and sometimes we go there.