Pepo Hason, Beno Ruso and Viktor Pardo on the Sremski Front

This picture was taken somewhere in Srem. This is Viktor Pardo, myself and Pepo Hason. Viktor Pardo was the commissar of a division during the war. After the war he worked in business in various branch offices. He was in Solon in the free zone there. Afterwards he worked in embassy as an employee and that is how he finished. Later he went to live in Slovenia. His daughter married there, his wife died and he went to live with his daughter. Why with her I do not know. I do not know if he is still alive. And Pepo Hason. I stayed in his house [in Bitola] when I was in the underground. The printing press was also with him. But he was an indecisive person. When I joined the partisans I asked Miki [Alba] and a whole group of people. They all turned me down and Miki and I went alone. Instead he went to Greece. A big group [of Jews from Bitola] hid there to save themselves. He came back when Macedonia was liberated and that is how he was saved from being deported to the camps. At that time the 15th corpus was being prepared to go to the Srem Front. I convinced him to come with me and we took him as the quartermaster fro the corpus and he came to the Srem Front. He was promoted to an officer and in the 1950w he went to Israel. He married a woman from Pristina. I do not know if it was her idea or not but he went to Latin America, somewhere in Chile or I do not know where. I do not remember the year but he came back to Skopje. He had to flee he was being chased. I do not know exactly but he did something or he owed some money and could not pay it back. He had to run away. Together with Moris Sami, who worked in the interior ministry, we managed to get him approval to return to Israel. He was killed in a traffic accident in Israel. His wife is still alive and I believe he has a daughter in Israel.