Beno Ruso and friends

I am pictured with my friends from the sofim group in Hashomer Hatzair. Sofim was the junior group. From left to right are Mato Ruso, Samuel -Simo- Kalderon, me, Isak, Viktor Mose, a head of a group whose name I cannot remember but his last name was Ruso, Moric Sami, Benjamin - Beno - Testa, Avram Hason, Pepo Hason and Jusefo Toldano. Avram Hason came from a big and poor family. He was a talented writer, a poet of sorts. He had a poetic soul but poverty forced him to marry. He married a rich girl and he became a domazet, a man who moves in with his wife's family. He was meant to inherit her house. To put it bluntly you buy a husband, son-in-law and he sits at home. Avram had a shop where he sold flour before he married. Otherwise he did not do anything. He was the same age as I am. He was killed in the camps. Moric Sami died in Skopje [in the last few years]. His son is the current head of the Jewish community of Macedonia. Simo Kalderon lives in Israel. Pepo Hason went to Israel and died in a traffick accident. All the rest were killed in Treblinka.