Beno Ruso, survivors from Bitola and Bitola city officials

Here I am, first row left, with some other survivors from Bitola and the city officials. This most have been on March 11 commemoration of the deportation. Since I am in civilian clothes it must have been in the 50's or later. At the time the president of the municipality of Bitola was Mandzuro, second from the right in the front row wearing a beret. Dzamilia Kolonomos, second row on the right. She is a survivor from Bitola and she and her husband, Avram Sadikario, are my neighbors. Standing next to me on the right is the president of the war veteran's organization, Dojcin. The man in the white jacket in the back is Djordje Blajer the president of the Jewish community of Skopje at the time. The man directly behind me with the glasses is Salvador Levi. He died in the earthquake in 1963. And behind Salvador is Haim Sadikario. He is a relative of Dzamilia Kolonomos's husband, Avram. I do not know when they started making the annual commemorations. I do not know when but they erected a monument in Bitola to the Jews. After that we always took our picture in front of the monument. So, I think that this was a commemoration before the erection of that monument.