Mato Levi

This is Matilda Mato Levi, my father's sister, who was married to a grocer named Bencion Levi. She had six or seven children and lived well. Mato was killed in Treblinka with all her children.Mato was a very energetic woman, very strict, literate and cultured. She was the commander in the house. We lived right next door to her. She tried to reprimand me if I did not do things. She disagreed about my going on hakhsharah. She wanted me to get married. And since my father had died she felt obligated to help us. If you help then when it is necessary you can also make demands. I informed her that I had no intention of getting married at that time. Maybe she already had someone in mind, I do not know. But I did not want to speak about this at all. She did not insist. After that I went on hakhsharah, then to the army and then the war came. After the capitulation of Yugoslavia construct a glossary on that please I came back to Bitola since I did not know what to do. And again she started saying I should marry. Again I informed her that I had no intention of marrying. I had already begun actively participating in the resistance movement and I told her that I would not even think about it. She came to accept this. It is not just that she was strict she felt obligated. That is how it was, family obligation. Her brother had died and she wanted to help.