Picture from Beno Ruso and Roza Kamhi's Wedding

This is my wedding picture: From left to right are: Pepo Nahmijas, Dario Ruso, Beno Ruso and Zozef Kamhi, Dora Ruso and Rosa Kamhi. I think Roza and I married in 1946. I can't remember the date. Why is that important at all? I don't remember the order of that day. But it was like we went out to buy something and had to finish it quickly and go home. There was no celebration. Roza and I married on the same day that my brother Dario married his wife, Dora. Dora's brother, Pepo Nahmijas, was the best man on her side. Zozef Kamhi, Roza's nephew, was also there. And there was Boce Lamdeski, my friend from the war and Roza's friend from Resan. He is dead now. He was our best man.