Sarolta Diamant with her family

This photograph shows the family of my aunt - my mother's sister Sarolta Diamant. The photograph is from Dunajska Streda, and captures their entire family. It was taken in the 1920s. My aunt is sitting in the middle row, the second from the left, and beside her is sitting her husband Leopold. The first on the left is Ladislav, then Dezider, then her daughter Manci (Margita), then beside her Alexander, plus a cousin whose name I don't remember. The last from the left, thus first from the right, is their daughter Valeria's husband. Below him sits Valeria, and beside her is her father. Sitting in the middle row is also my cousin Dezider's wife, she's sitting directly below him and beside her mother-in-law, so beside Aunt Sarolta. She came to a bad end, she was deported and returned mentally ill. I don't know her first name. The boy sitting on the ground below them is my aunt and uncle's youngest son, Ladislav. Sarolta Diamant lived with her husband in Dunajska Streda. Her husband managed a large farm someplace near the town. They had six children. Two daughters, Valeria and Margita, and four sons, Dezider, Alexander, Karol and Ladislav. All except for one son died. Unfortunately I don't know which one of them survived.