Frantiska Bachnerova and Jakub Julius Bachner

This photograph shows my parents, Frantiska Bachnerova and Jakub Julius Bachner, in the 1930s. My father used to recall that he used to go on foot to court my mother. From Klatova Nova Ves to Dezerice. All I know about their marriage is that like in most cases in those days, it was an arranged marriage. Though I don't know in exactly what year they were married, nor where they were married, one thing I know for sure: For sure their wedding took place in a synagogue. That's a matter of course. You know, in those days it was unthinkable to have a civil wedding. My father and mother spoke Hungarian. But they also spoke Slovak. So with us they spoke in Slovak. But among themselves I think that they spoke Hungarian, or occasionally in German. Because they, understandably, had still gone to Hungarian schools. As far as their education goes, it's hard to say. Degree of education. You know, it's hard to talk about education in a Jewish family in those days, because my mother was 18 or 19 when she was married, and then came children.