Adela Bachnerova with friends

In this photo, in the middle, is my sister Adika (Adela Bachnerova). On her left in this photo is my classmate Klara Friedmanova Farska - I don't recognize the third girl. The photo was taken in Topolcany near the mikveh, and is from the year 1930. I was born in the year 1919. After me, my parents had my sister Marta. I think that she was born in 1920. Then we had two more family members, twins, Ludovit and Adela. They were born on 2nd March 1924. According to the testimony of the doctor Marta Schvabova, Adela was one of the ones that in Auschwitz stood up and proclaimed that she won't work for Fascist swine. Upon which one of the SS shot her in the stomach and forbade anyone to help her. She bled to death in the presence of a doctor and witnesses.