Marcel Bachner, Vali Schlessingerova and their cousin Manci

This photograph shows my sister Vali (Valerie Schlessingerova, nee Bachnerova), who's the first on the left, then in the center is my brother Marcel and beside him on the other side is our cousin Manci, from Dunajska Streda. The photo was taken in Topolcany in the courtyard of our house on Tovarenska Street, but I don't know when exactly it was taken, or who took it. My sister Valeria was born in Topolcany in 1913. In an effort to save herself from the deportations, she married a Jewish boy from Topolcany, Max Schlessinger Unfortunately they didn't manage to survive, they were murdered in Kremnicka. I've got to say that Valeria was very pretty. She was even pronounced Miss Topolcany.