Letter from Alexander Bachnar's students

This is one of the letters that Mr. Bachnar got from his students from the Novaky labor camp during the Slovak National Uprising. Letter No. 3. Dear Mr. Principal. I've finally gotten the opportunity to write you a couple of lines. I'm in Bystrica. Imagine how far I've made it. Vera, Magda, Tomy and Baba are also here in surrounding villages. Today Ruzena, Judita, Ivko came here, but won't stay here, they're also going to a nearby village to live. Mr. Principal, it's impossible to describe what we had to suffer through in those two weeks. I made one more trip (unfortunately B.) similar to Vtacnik (but Vtacnik was more pleasant). Mr. P., I and also Viera think of you often, and we would like to see you.