Placement order for Alexander Bachnar

This is a placement order, given out by the Central Committee of the Communist Party, department of labor in Bratislava. It was issued on 14th March 1952. It contained an order to leave within five days my old workplace, and start at the Peace Works in Bratislava. During the time when anti-Semitism was disguising itself as a struggle against Zionism [during the time of the Slansky trial and at the end of the 1960s], when people didn't say 'we're against Jews', but 'we're against Zionism,' at VUKI there was this mass gathering, where everyone was railing against Jews. My wife was standing in this group of managers, and said, ?I'm Jewish too.? When they heard this, they started backtracking, that you know, they didn't mean it like that, and so on and so on. And it's typical, that she, who came from a devout Slovak Catholic family, suddenly proclaimed: ?I'm a Jew.? Back then, when everyone was railing against Jews.