Alexander Bachnar with George W. Bush and group of dissidents and opposition leaders from Europe

This photograph was taken during the visit of the American president to Bratislava in the year 2005. George W. Bush met, among others, a group of dissidents and opposition leaders from 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, among which was also Mr. Alexander Bachnar. I participate in practically all activities that have some sort of connection with Judaism. I attend various openings of restored synagogues. I go to openings of exhibitions about the Holocaust. I participate in various tours. I've already been to Auschwitz three times. I was on a tour of Sobibor. Further, it has to a large degree affected me that during the Slovak National Uprising I was a commander of one Jewish partisan group. Today I'm practically the only living commander of this group. I was also for this reason recommended for decoration. Decoration with a memorial medal of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. That I was invited to meet the President of America, Bush.