The house where Ester Vee’s family lived before the war

In this photo, taken by my father in the late 1930s, on the right you can see the house on Viru Street where our family lived before the war. My father and grandfather had their dental office in this same house. When we returned to Tallinn, this house was no longer there. It was ruined by bombing in Tallinn in 1944.

My father worked as a dentist, and my grandfather worked with him. My grandfather was a dental mechanic. There were not so many dental mechanics at the time, and my grandfather was considered a highly skilled specialist. He provided his services to a number of celebrities in Estonia. He was well-respected. My father and grandfather's business improved, and we moved into another apartment in Viru Street. There were 7 rooms in this apartment. My Grandfather and father made a dentist's room where they received their patients.