Bertha Isayeva’s mother Anna Erlihman and her sisters

This is my mother Anna Erlihman and her sisters. Photo was taken in Odessa, in 1956. From left to right: Fania Balan, Clara Vitorgan, Rosa Vainshtein, Tsylia Gurovich and my mother Anna Erlihman. This photo was taken in sommer at my aunt‘s Tsylia datsha. During the Great Patriotic War my mother, my brother Zachariy and I where evacuated to Tokmak (Kirghizia). She was a night watch in a watermelon plantation.After the war my mother returned in Odessa. She had to go to work after the war. She picked any work she could lay her hands on. My mother was a very nice and kind person. After my father died in 1951she dedicated her life to me and Eduard. I spent my vacations with colleagues. We traveled and went hiking. We bought tours through trade union committee at work and paid 30% of their cost. I traveled to various locations across the USSR. Eduard was with my mother at home when I traveled. My mother died in 1971. We buried her near my father in the Jewish cemetery in Slobodka.