Bertha Isayeva with her one-year-old son Eduard

This is me, Bertha Isayeva, with my one-year-old son Eduard. This photo was taken in Kaluga in 1953 by my husband while we were walking about the town. In early 1952 I came to Odessa to have my baby there. My father died few months before his grandson was born. My father was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Slobodka [neighborhood on the outskirts of Odessa ], and I don't think there were any traditions observed. Shortly after he died my son Edik was born. I was to go back to work and my mother went to Kaluga with me. Then my mother left home and I hired a baby sitter to look after my son while I went to work. Some time later I divorced my husband and returned to Odessa in 1955. My husband and I never resumed our relationships afterward. Eduard was two years and a half. My mother helped me to raise Eduard. In Odessa I went to work at the Giprocommunstroy design institute. I worked there 35 years before I retired. When I returned from Kaluga I began to reconstruct our apartment. I had an annex constructed where we had a balcony. We put a stove in it and made there a kitchen. I had water, gas and sewerage facilities installed. I had to borrow money from my relatives and then it took me some time to pay back my debts. Our apartment became more comfortable. About this time I bought a 'Record' TV set. It was a big TV with a small screen. My relatives and neighbors came to watch TV with us.