Bertha Isayeva’s father's cousin brother Iohan Zeltser with his family

This is my father's cousin brother Iohan Zeltser with his family. This photo was taken in Leningrad in 1938. I remember my father's cousin brother Iohann Zeltser visiting from Leningrad. He was a journalist and wrote scripts to the following movies: 'Happiness hunters' [(1936), about the establishment of the Birobidzhan in the Far East], "Submarine Ò-9", and others, only I don't remember the names. He had a wife and three children. Regretfully, I don't remember their names. We went to the theater during one of uncle Iohann's visits. I admired this gathering of so many people enjoying themselves and nicely dressed. I can't remember the performance, but I remember this festive atmosphere. During the war uncle Iohann was a military journalist. He perished on the battleship 'Marat'. This battleship was near the shore defending Leningrad. It was partially destroyed during a batter. I had no contacts with his family after the war.