Bertha Isayeva

This is me, Bertha Isayeva. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1986. It is my last photo till now and I don't want to taken any more. I wont my relatives to remember me younger one. Many Jews left the country in the 1970s and in the 1990s, but I never considered it; this was too serious a matter. When perestroika began I retired. Life became more difficult for older people, but in the latest years we learned many new things about our history and life abroad. We lived in the world of limited information before. As for me, I've never spoken my mind in public and I don't feel any need in the freedom of speech really. I know that there is a Jewish community nowadays, but I do not take any active part in its life. However, I know more about Jewish life in our town. I receive two Jewish newspapers: 'Or Sameach' and 'Shomrey Shabos' and I know that we have a Jewish cultural Center. I am very glad that there are Jewish schools and kindergartens where they tell children the history of Jewish people and teach religion. I receive packagers from Gemilut Hesed each month. They are very good packages. It is nice of tem to support old people and pay for medications. I am not religious, but I read in Jewish newspapers about what needs to be done on holidays. It is very interesting to know such things. I am a Jew and I must follow our customs and traditions. I sympathize with Israel and I am very concerned that there is shooting and fighting there.