Bertha Isayeva’s father David Erlihman's birth roster

This is an excerpt from my father David Erlihman's birth roster certified by the rabbi of Odessa town. This excerpt was made in Odessa in 1900. My father was the fifth child in the family. He was born in Odessa on 18 June 1891. He was named Duvid at birth. I think he had a primary education. Since he didn't have a secondary education he couldn't enter a higher educational institution. My father was a worker. At the age of 14 he was already an apprentice at the plant. Later he became a turner (in due time he was awarded the highest grade). He served in the czarist army from 1913 till 1917. He was released due to an illness or injury. I don't remember. After October revolution he worked at a plant. He finished a rabfak. He was promoted to foreman, and then shop superintendent at the mechanic assembly shop at the plant named after Stalin in Odessa. In 1937 my father joined the party.