Bertha Isayeva, and her co-students

This is me, Bertha Isayeva, and my co-students. This photo was taken in Frunze in 1944 before my departure to Ukraine. Unfortunately I don't remember the names of the girls. During the Great Patriotic War my mother, my brother Zachariy and I where evacuated to Tokmak (Kirghizia). I worked at the motor repair plant. I was a turner apprentice. The plant repaired vehicles from the front. When my management heard that I studied in college they transferred me to work in the quality assurance department (OTK). We rented a room in a house on the outskirts of Tokmak. We worked two shifts and in the evening I was afraid of going home in the dark. I took off my shoes and walked barefooted. In 1943 I went to study in Kharkov College of Housing Construction evacuated to Frunze. My mother and brother stayed in Tokmak. After Ukraine was liberated teachers and students willing to go back to Ukraine were allowed to go home. My college returned to Kharkov in March 1944. I came back with my college.