Bertha Isayeva’s Komsomol membership card

This is my Komsomol membership card, it was issued in 1938. In 1938, when I was in the 8th grade, few of my classmates and I got recommendations to join Komsomol. We had to go to an interview in the district Komsomol committee. We were very excited. I can still remember this event: there was a commission in a room. We were asked questions. We had to know the names of all members of the Central Politbureau of the Communist Party. I cannot remember all details, but I remember that it was quite a ceremony. When we became Komsomol members we were to take an active part in public activities. I was a pioneer tutor in the 5th grade. We issued wallpaper and drew patriotic posters. We also arranged concerts and attended a physical culture club.