Bertha Isayeva’s father David Erlihman

This is my father David Erlihman. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1948. My father was shop superintendent at the mechanic assembly shop at the plant named after Stalin in Odessa. During Great Patpiotic War my father's plant evacuated. They disassembled all equipment, loaded it on a train and shipped to Saratov. My father was appointed supervisor of this shipment and went to Saratov. One railcar with the plant equipment got lost and some officers [from NKVD] came for my father. I don't know by what miracle they didn't shoot him at once, but he was taken to court. Fortunately, everything turned out well. This ill-fated railcar arrived and my father was released. After the war my father returned in Odessa and went on to work at the same plant. In 1951 my father was very ill and died soon. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Slobodka [neighborhood on the outskirts of Odessa ], and I don't think there were any traditions observed.