Agnesa Urbanova with her daughter Tatjana

This is a photo of me with my daughter, Tatjana. The photograph was taken in Budapest in 1978. I've got one daughter, who was born on 8th August 1964 in Bratislava. Her name is Tatjana. She's divorced. When she was little, she attended daycare from the age of one year, and then preschool. She liked going to preschool very much, she loved the teachers there. She graduated from construction tech school, and then started taking civil engineering, which she left and never finished. She went to Canada for some time, and when she returned she didn't continue her studies. So she's got an incomplete university degree. An education couldn't have been that important to her, if she left university. I didn't have any conflicts with her over it. The way I looked at it was that it was her decision. Today she works at the University of Management [City University in Bratislava].