Agnesa Urbanova with friends

This is a photo of me at around the age of four with my friends. The photograph was taken in the square in Liptovsky Mikulas, probably in 1939. It was most likely taken by my father, Ludovit Sandor. I had two friends named Peter. Peter Villanyi and Peter Stark. I actually grew up with them, because our families were friends. Both of them were Jews. Outside of school, I was friends with my neighbor, Nina Dobrotova. The Dobrotas were our next-door neighbors. Nina and I were friends, she's older than I; then I also had one other older girlfriend. She was Jewish. She also attended Jewish school and her name was Beba Beerova. They later left for Israel. When I was a little older, I had hobbies. I did quite a bit of hiking, went to the gym, we used to play basketball, volleyball, do gymnastics and so on. We used to ride bikes, go hiking, on trips, we went skiing and in the summer swimming. We attended sports meets, and also had a choir. Later, in Ruzomberok, I had many, many such activities.