Aurelia Sandorova

This is a photo of my mother. The photograph was taken at the A. Jungwirth photo studio in Liptovsky Mikulas in 1932. My mother's name was Aurelia Sandorova, née Bihellerova, and she was very good, courageous and self-sacrificing. My mother was more this strict type. My parents didn't dress traditionally. My mother was born on 10th October 1904, my father on 31st October 1900. My mother was born in Ruzomberok, and my father was born in Podturni and then lived in Liptovsky Mikulas. Both my parents had a high school education. Their mother tongue was Slovak, but they of course spoke Hungarian and German. Amongst themselves they spoke Slovak. When they didn't want us to understand, then Hungarian or German. But mostly Slovak. I don't know exactly how my parents met, whether through someone or at some social event, or how. I think that it was even a bit arranged, as they say. My parents were married in April 1933. The wedding was in Mikulas. I think they had a civil marriage. My mother had a coat and skirt, or something like that. She didn't have that traditional long white dress. Their wedding banquet was medium-sized.