Ludovit Sandor

This is a photo of my father. The photograph was taken at the A. Jungwirth photo studio in Liptovsky Mikulas in 1932. My father's name was Ludovit Sandor. He was an amazing person, whom everyone loved, whom everyone who knew him recalls still to this day. He was a beautiful man and very good. Tall, dark, with a mustache. My father owned an electronics store with a friend of his; it was called Audion and was in Liptovsky Mikulas, on the square. They sold radios and things like that. My parents lived a fairly social lifestyle. They had friends, would meet with them, they used to go play cards. They lived socially, as long as it was possible. They also met with friends, they used to go on outings with them, they played sports, tennis, and my father fenced.