Grandpa Biheller ahd his wife Wilma Bihellerova

This is a photo of my grandparents, Wilma Bihellerova and Grandpa Biheller. The photograph is from the 1930s. I remember my parents and grandparents, especially my paternal grandmother, who was in hiding with us, and thank God survived, and didn't die until afterwards. On my mother's side, I remember my grandmother a little bit. My grandfathers died when I was very little. My mother's mother was Wilma Bihellerova, my father's mother was Jozefina Sandorova, née Weiserova. I unfortunately don't know their birth dates. My mother was from Ruzomberok, and my father from Liptovsky Mikulas. Actually, he was born in Podturni, and they then lived in Mikulas. My grandmother from Mikulas had a dairy, and the ones from Ruzomberok, they had some sort of soda pop factory and store. I'd say that they lived in a middle-class fashion. I don't think that my grandparents were very religious. In my eyes, my grandmother that was in hiding with us was good and nice. After the war, she lived in Mikulas. We moved to Ruzomberok, so I used to go stay with her during summer vacation. She dressed normally, they way they did back then. I don't think she wore anything traditional, no headscarf or wig. I'd say that she was ?grandmotherly.? I know little about my other set of grandparents. I basically didn't spend any time with my other grandmother. They lived in Ruzomberok, and we were in Mikulas. They rarely visited, so I actually don't remember those ones.