The wedding picture of Sarah and Yoakim Bartish

The wedding picture of Sarah and Yoakim Bartish
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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
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This photo was taken in Vidin on 22nd May 1927. This is the wedding of Sarah Bartish, nee Pizanti, my father's sister, and Yoakim Bartish. My grandmother worked in other people's houses. My father's family was very poor. However, my uncle Yoakim and my aunt were rich - with shops and money. He was a butcher, his father was a shochet. In the beginning the mother-in-law of tanti Sarah didn't want her. She said in Spanish that she was 'dizunda' - naked. 'How can the sister of Buko Pizanti become our daughter-in-law?' And yet, uncle Yoakim married her. They had known each other for a long time, since they lived in one and the same living estate. She loved us very much since we were poor and they always had more than us. I remember when I was a child and when we visited them, they had a room for the servant in which were hanging from the ceiling wooden sticks with sausages and various delicious things. I liked to sit there very much and tanti Sarah always gave me something and hid it in the pocket of my school uniform. And every Friday evening, on Erev Sabbath, my tanti [aunt] Sarah and uncle Yoakim, the mother-in-law of Sarah, tia Diana and my cousins Ana and Mati came to us with a wash-basin full of meatballs. My mother would light a charcoal pan and a grill. The smell would spread around the whole neighborhood and Diana would shout: 'Buko Pizanti will feed you, Buko Pizanti will feed you?'

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Interviewee: Mimi-Matilda Petkova
Patricia Nikolova
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Sarah Bartish
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Yoakim Bartish
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Self-employed craftsman in non-elite crafts

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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
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