Buko Pizanti as a prisoner of war of the English

This picture was taken in Thessaloniki on 29th June 1919. This is my father Buko Pizanti as a prisoner of war of the English [after WWI]. His number as a prisoner of war was 10 654. He is in hospital clothes here. In fact, he was saved from death, because with the sentence N1009 from 12th April 1918 when he was court-martialed, he was pronounced guilty and sentenced to death. That sentence, under article 92 and 93 from the Military Penal Code was replaced with 12 years of strict solitary confinement without stripping of rights and with a delay of the execution of the sentence after demobilization. My father was sentenced because when he was at the Bratindol position, he reported to his company commanding officer that the soldiers didn't want to fight anymore. So, the Vladaya mutiny began headed by my father. The Vidin district organization of the Bulgarian Communist Party has a paper edition from 1993. On page 88 paragraph 3 it says: 'The mutiny was headed by socialist Buko Pizanti from Vidin.'

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Mimi-Matilda Petkova

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