A certificate explaining in detail the sentencing of Buko Pizanti

This is a certificate from the Central Military Archive in the town of Tarnovo. It was issued on 30th April 1958. It explains in detail the sentencing of my father Buko Isak Pizanti to death and the replacement of that sentence with solitary confinement. The certificate was given to my father to use it before the pension authorities in Bulgaria. It says that Buko Pizanti was court-martialed in 1918 at the 6th Infantry Division on the grounds that on 18th March 1918 'before noon he summoned the soldiers from the 3rd company of his regiment, gathered them on the square in front of the company's office and asked them if they agreed not to go to the Bratindol position and after he got their agreement, he reported that to his company officer'. My father's act described in the document led to him being found guilty in inciting the soldiers not to obey the orders of their company commander and him being sentenced with sentence N1009 from 12th April 1918; his sentence was death, but under 'article 92 and 93 of the Military Penalty Law' it was replaced with solitary confinement for 12 years. The stripping of his rights and the execution of the sentence were postponed after the demobilization.

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Mimi-Matilda Petkova

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